i hope this is constructive criticism

As a consequence of him putting a ring on it I find myself a bride to be. And maybe it’s inevitable as I submerge myself more in Pinterest, Love my Dress, Rock my Wedding and similarly syntaxed sites the desire to diarise my wedding experiences becomes contagious.
So here I am a bridal blogger by default, reporting back on the early stages of engagement.

 I’m in no rush to find a dress but when I received an invite to the launch of Maria Senvo new British bridal designer it seemed the perfect balance of LFW and bridal event to phase me into my new role as a betrothed woman. 


Easily influenced by delicious art direction I was drawn to Maria Senvo’s first collection by the beautiful photography circulating at the moment. Delicate, fresh and bridal but still with a bit of personality I was looking forward to seeing the dresses and getting to know a bit about the brand. Unfortunately it unravelled that the evening was not to be an opportunity to chat about the collection and perhaps even try a dress on (I had my eye on the Dolce-esque Mabel) but instead an awkward hour of being essentially ignored before being told we weren’t being ignored, offered a glass of prossecco followed by being ignored some more.



The two behind the dresses (I can’t tell you names as we weren’t introduced) seemed very sweet and well intentioned but certainly missed a trick on the night. A few more bodies to interact with and greet you during the evening, maybe even get you in a dress or two, a bit of printed information to let you go away with a feeling you learnt something, these things would not have gone a miss.

The dresses themselves were beautiful though in my opinion maybe the kinds of dresses that are at their best through the camera. (Not necessarily a bad thing).


So journey one into wedding dress world was disappointing, in an industry that should be based on showering women with attention I felt doubly disappointed. But I wish them well at Maria Senvo I’m sure I just had the unlucky experience of teething problems and at least I got a glass of prosecco out of it. (Eventually)




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