Curse pay day and mid season sales!

Pay day has this wonderful effect of making me feel I have all the money in the world. A momentary effect that lasts about untill I consult my bank balance. But before that cruel reality check came this weekend I ventured (all 5 minutes away) to Westfield to reaquaint myself with “the high street” and check up on further reductions..
I was initially preoccupied with these NW3 shorts (so practical for work was the justification)


But after some umming and ahhing I finally ummd a decision to leave them be. Off i trotted to the next store Massimo Dutti who in sale time tends to look more and more like sister ZARA. Ignoring this I found some treats in a lemon drop back skirt and a white noise cropped sleeved cardigan.
E voilla.. Weekend Yas.

Finished off with some sunglasses I rediscovered during the big move/pack, they are no Hercule Poirot but they brought back fond memories of the sugared almond shoot i bought them for just about a year ago.
Until next pay day!… Y x


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