Rose tinted




I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these sunglasses in aMUSE this morning. Not only am I looking for a pair of beautifully crafted sunglasses in this shape but they are named after my most favourite detective of all time! Those who know me well will know that crime dramas of this hue have a happy place in my heart, see here for proof.. so I am delighted that Andy Wolfs Hercule Poirot sunglass is accompanied by Columbo (my C.D fix of the moment) and Miss Marple (a trusty staple). Find them here



3 thoughts on “Rose tinted

    • Hi Rufus, aMUSE is a new fashion/lifestyle magazine they hand out to London commuters, issue3 had a good 2 page spread of sunglasses featuring Hercule Pirot and Columbo. Do you have any outlets/stockists in London?
      Y x

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