This is something I was itching to do last night but scared of being caught up in the riots rumoured to be hitting Shepherds Bush I thought I would postpone taking in the new collections till day light hours. Shepherds bush is fine, and Westfield had the feel of a fashion fortress with security and crowd control baracades at all sides. Inside it is business as usual. I popped into a few high street shops, my first chance to really see what the shops are offering for A/W, below are my favourite finds in true camera phone styleeee

Not too crazy about the TOPSHOP collection in general but their knits are fantastic!!!! Really too good. I love their Guernsey style cropped jumpers in a variety of colourways, stripes and motifs. My favourite is this YES number, a little knit of positivity in superb sans serif, if we formed an anti riot troop and all brandished these happy jumpers I don’t see how we could lose!

It supercedes (perhaps) my old favourite ampersand in electric blue. Reminiscent of an old mohair mothers hand me down from 80s Laura Ashley (bar the &).

Another winner is this mohair oversized kimono style cardi. Hinting at 70’s collage but not in a disgusting way it’s the kind of piece you can imagine living through the winter in.

In MANGO I had the pleasure of wriggling into this sheeps skin skirt in the most un modest of fitting rooms. Tiny and barely curtained I felt highly involved with the woman next to me and her wedding outfit dilema. The photos don’t do justice to this combination.

Another animal derived product from ZARA which reminded me of the gold leather pleated skirts from MIU MIU. This time the animal is a pig, I jump with joy when I think of a golden pig such as this. I matched this one with a wonderfully practical navy coat with a detachable ochre gold gilet. These two colours are really my fave together.

WAREHOUSE was lined on its top shelves with mannequins giving the feeling of a very overdressed catacombs. The collection in general I could take or leave, but these two numbers were classic and sweet.

One last stop in Whistles and I tried an understated collage look, faint polka dots and a graphic leapord inspired print. Long pleats are still a winner but this is nice break from the block colours.


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