Kings Street, Hammersmith is not usually a destination I would head to for a unique fashion find. It has its perks- a few gem filled charity shops and of course the Lyric theatre but as you head away from the station any sign of high culture is drowned by the vast array of chicken shops, huts, cottages (people want chicken!). But every now and again (such as last Sunday) thanks to P&A Antiques Hammersmith’s ostere looking town hall becomes a hotspot for fashion savvy shoppers looking to pick up an original at a reasonable fee. The location is infact fantastic; an airy mezzanine-ed hall, vintage in its own right. And though some fellow fair goers seemed to be lacking manners (and modestey)- “I’m a very famous interior designer!” (dahling) the general atmosphere of the day was upbeat and sociable.

Next Sunday sees the Antiques, Textiles, Carpets and Tribal Art Fair at the Hilton in Kensington Olympia which I can only assume will be equally as intriguing. For anyone intending to pay a visit definately first make a stop at P&A’s website www.pa-antiques.co.uk to recieve a reduced entrance fee.

Thanks to Paola at P&A for kindly letting me photograph the event.


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