fashion x2- Yohji Yamamoto at the V&A / LGVL at the Wayward Gallery

West London’s V&A is currently housing a textile delight from the East in the form of Yohji Yamamoto. It’s been a while since visiting one of the V&A’s paid exhibitions-since falling out of the concessions bracket I have preferred cultural moments at the British Museum where as a member I wandered through the Book of the Dead about 8 times over its November to March visit, making the most of every penny of the annual round about £30 membership fee. When I do pay a trip to the V&A it is usually to meander through the Friday late crowds, pining at the delicious looking cocktails on offer in the main foyer. Since my mum discovered the deliciously ornate canteen and the design forward museum shop I have been drawn back to the V&A for regular mother daughter lunch dates. Yesterday (before lunch) we finally took the step to pay the full £7 and actually see an exhibition. Being used to the grand labyrinth library that houses the British Museums exhibitions I was at first perturbed by the small size of the gallery but within this small space they really crammed in a lot. 63 full outfits both men and womenswear intimately fill the starkly designed room. With no display cases, barriers or red cords you are free to wonder in a loose order viewing these extravagant yet somehow refined designs from all angles. This 360 degree viewing opportunity is alike to seeing these outfits in splendour on the catwalk but with the benefit of being able to see them at ultimate closeness.
Personal favourites were W9 (my old postcode) a beatiful tesolating number from SS 2004

and W41, 42 and 44 which from ss06, aw10/11 and ss03- These you’ll have to see for yourself.

personal least favourite W14 (my new postcode)

as Bob- whose studio I used in Brighton on Tuesday put it- you wouldnt wear it to waitrose- but somehow I don’t think Yamamoto had the supermarket in his mind at the point of creative conception.

In the evening I headed East for a polar experience. In a bright white brick room down a non descript Vyner Street is a discreet gallery called the Wayward which last night saw the PV of emerging photographers Lydia Garnett and Vic Lentaigne. With a constant crowd throughout the evening of east london artys and post brighton faces I’m sure they will rightly crown the night a success. The images were heartfelt and honest portrayals of friends from two intimate perspectives preoccupied by the medium of photography. With beautiful lighting and use of hues the work was reminiscent of Goldin and Mcginley- in the best of ways. With a scrap book aesthetic appropriate to the theme and the venue this was a debut show to be excited about.



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